2005 Inpatient Summer Concert Series at MGH

The MGH Summer Concert Series made its debut in the summer of 2005, from June 25 and August 20. Every Saturday afternoon, a group of roughly 20 performers came to Massachusetts General Hospital and gave matinee concerts on over a dozen units, thereby reaching hundreds of patients and visitors each weekend.

These singers, pianists, harpists, and other instrumentalists aimed to provide care, comfort, and entertainment to all their listeners, including nurses. The ultimate goal of the program was to transform the sound-scape of MGH and increase the quality of care and work within the hospital. Reviews from staff reflected this overall improvement, with several nurses commenting, "This is marvelous! Absolutely healing!"
"I feel re-energized and I feel cleansed!" and "It puts spirit back in the workplace."

The Series was produced by the Institute for Music & Brain Science, Dr. Mark Tramo, Director, in cooperation with the Volunteer Department of MGH, Harvard-Radcliffe MIHNUET, GentleMUSES, and with the help of Julia Cavallaro, associate producer of the Series.

Thanks to all our performers!

Joanne Cavatorta, harp
Margot Chamberlain, harp
Terence Coe, harp
Elaine Fortin, harp
Sarah McKee, harp
Cynthia Price-Glynn, harp
Laura Smaling, harp

Harvard College (in association with MIHNUET):
Amanda Brosius '05, harp
Anthony Buda '08, electric bass
Julia Cavallaro '08, soprano
Brendan Gillis '06, viola
Merrin Lazyan '05, soprano
June Sangarlangkarn '06, piano

Boston Conservatory undergraduates:
Katherine Willow, flute & harp (also a GentleMUSE)
Lindsey McMahon, flute

Berklee College undergraduate Pamela Harght, flute

Professional music therapist Kathleen Howland, flute & saxophone

Graduate student in Neurology Adam Koss, guitar
(Attending Robert Wood Johnson Medical School)

Harvard Summer School student Austin Whisnant, guitar

For more information, please contact Julia Cavallaro at juliacavallaro@gmail.com.