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Television appearances


Science of Song: Do Lullabies Help Sick Babies? by JuJu Chang and Maggie Burbank, aired on ABC Nightline, Thursday, May 29, 2008

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NBC Today Show

August 27, 1998

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NBC Nightly News 

with Tom Brokaw

November 27, 1995

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Closer to Truth on PBS

"What Makes Music So Significant?" aired in 2004

With Guests:

Mark Jude Tramo, MD, PhD: Director, The Institute for Music and the Brain; Neurologist and neuroscientist, Harvard Medical School, Cambridge, Mass.; musician

Robert Freeman, PhD: Dean and Professor at University of Texas at Austin

Jeanne Bamberger, MA: Professor of Music at Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Other television appearances

Music and the Mind, BBC 4 Television, 1996

Fox On Art, Fox News Channel, 1997

Healthweek, PBS TV (National), 1998

Healthwatch, New England Cable News, 1998

New Attitudes, Lifetime Channel, 1999

Science Live, Discovery Science Channel, 2000

National Geographic, New York Times TV Enterprises, 2001

CBS WBZ-TV Boston, 2001

Science Daily, Discovery Channel, 2001

Closer to Truth, PBS, 2002

Radio interviews

Newspaper and magazine clips